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Gal Oya Lodge - Description

Gal Oya Lodge is an ideal retreat for wildlife lovers and those seeking to immerse themselves in nature. Nestled within 25 acres of private forest in eastern Sri Lanka, there’s no better place to encounter the incredible wildlife the country boasts. A mere 3½-hour drive from Kandy and 2 hours from Arugam Bay, our luxurious eco-lodge lies on the edge of Gal Oya National Park, one of Sri Lanka’s most uncharted parks. It’s the perfect spot to stay and partake in the island’s only boat safari. The lodge features 9 private bungalows and a 2-room family villa. Each bungalow blends traditional and modern elements, using natural materials like illuk, cadjan, and wood, combined with contemporary comforts and luxury.


Each bungalow boasts a roomy bedroom with a king-sized bed, alongside a sitting area that leads to a private veranda. The bathroom, designed for two, features dual sinks and both indoor and outdoor showers with solar-heated water. Local decor infuses the interior with vibrant Sri Lankan style, creating a cozy and colourful ambiance perfect for an intimate getaway in the forest.



The cuisine and locally sourced food are a distinctive feature of life at the Lodge. Each day’s menu, carefully crafted with love, offers a selection of Sri Lankan and Western dishes, incorporating homegrown herbs and vegetables, as well as produce from nearby village farmers. The meals, innovative, fresh, and healthy, are served in the dining room. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour their delectable national specialties like curries, sambol, and roti.



There are many activities to do in and around Gal Oya Lodge. You will have the opportunity to speak and spend time with the Vedda People, which are an indigenous group of people in Sri Lanka, living off the earth. You can also visit the near by Gal Oya National park to take part in the amazing Safaris on offer.

3.5 hours from Kandy

20 Acres of private jungle

Rich Wildlife of Gal Oya

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Consultant Review

One of our Travel Consultants visited Gal Oya Lodge in October 2023. Here’s what Nathan had to say.


“WOW! Amazing as expected. Felt slightly more high-end that I expected with lots of nice little touches. I really want to promote this place.”

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