Kayal Island Retreat


Kayal Island Retreat - Description

Kayal Island Retreat is a four bedroom homestay only accessible by boat in a very scenic area of the backwaters. Kayal is owned by Maneesha and her mother Shantha (who lives there). Maneesha lives on the mainland and visits regularly.  It is a good place to relax but there are also a number of activities that may be arranged.


Kayal is situated on Kakkathuruthu Island which translates as ‘crow’ so this is Island of Crows. It is in the northern section of the backwaters – not far from Cochin and further north than the houseboats generally operate to.  There are no cars on the island and just one place to stay.  Staying on this island is seeing the backwaters before they became popular – it is an experience of another era.


Activities include boat/canoe trips (including at night), village walks, cookery demonstrations and moonlight dinners (in the middle of the lake on a hand rowed boat), Yoga and meditation and cultural performances.  Maneesha and Shantha have also created some ‘off island’ experiences including taking a tuk-tuk ride and Temple visits.  If you are interested in any of the activities inform us in advance so we can arrange them with Maneesha and you can pay them locally.


There are two large and two small rooms – we recommend booking the large rooms.

Amazing hosts

only four rooms

quiet island experience

Small boat trip & village walks

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