Ambady Estate


Ambady Estate - Description

Ambady Estate, set amidst seventy acres of cardamom plantation in Munnar, Kerala, is an exceptional boutique plantation retreat committed to honoring nature and its preservation. This serene sanctuary provides an escape from the ordinary, allowing guests to reconnect with themselves and harmonise with the natural surroundings.


The guest cottages offer ample comfort, and guests can enjoy meals in the cozy on-site restaurant. It serves as an excellent hub for nature enthusiasts interested in walking and wildlife, as a diverse array of birds (such as sunbirds, barbets, and parrots) and animals (including forest squirrels, Malabar giant squirrels, flying squirrels, and barking deer) can be spotted right from the estate grounds.


The restaurant is crafted from natural materials such as palm leaves and elephant grass, sourced directly from the estate. This design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural environment.

Spacious and comfortable

Cosy restaurant

Great for people who love walking and wildlife

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