Windermere Estate


Windermere Estate - Description

Windermere Estate is a lovely family run property in the hill station of Munnar.  It has been built in a traditional design which complements the surrounding area, building amongst the natural rocks and trees to create a natural environment. There are just 18 rooms which come in three categories – garden rooms (8), estate rooms (8) and planter’s rooms (2).  


Dining depends on what products the chef can get from the gardens and the local market, then home recipes will be produced and served in the Barn. The Barn is inspired by traditional cardamom curing houses – the balcony is a popular place to have breakfast, sipping chai while overlooking the plantations.


Windermere, has a viewpoint called The Vantage Point – a guest only experience that is accessible by a rough-hewn stairway carved into the boulder at the centre of the property.  At the top see the gorgeous views of the tea and cardamom plantations.


In the 3 acre property only 30% is used for the guest buildings with the remaining plot being used to grow guava, coffee, gooseberry and peach trees interspersed with lawns. A recent addition to the property is the granite-tiled infinity pool, which overlooks the tea gardens.  Other facilities include the “Chai Kada” – tea shack and a library.


Activities include the afternoon cardamom and coffee estate visit, birding, evening bonfire under the boulder (subject to weather conditions), cookery demonstrations and tea talks.

infinity pool (50 mins)

Trekking & veiwpoints

Cardamom & tea gardens

tea at the "chai kada"

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