Khajuraho is a world famous site known for its magnificently sculptured group of temples. These Hindu and Jain monuments were built by the Chandela Dynasty between 950 AD and 1050 AD.
The exquisitely carved and embellished temples are simply stunning.Out of the 85 temples believed to have been built across 21 square Kms, only 22 temples are remain in a 6 square Km area. However, those that left are well preserved, mainly as they are so remote.
The Khajuraho temples, now a UNESCO world heritage site, were rediscovered within dense forest in 1838 by Captain T.S. Burt.of the Bengal Engineers.


Exquisite carvings

All of the temples are covered with a range of exquisite sculptures, depicting gods and goddesses, beasts cand warriors, sensuous maidens, dancers, musicians, and the now famous erotic scenes.

Varaha Shrine

The Varaha Shrine is a polished stone image of Varaha, Vishnu’s boar incarnation.

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

This carving sits in front of what is the most impressive Khajuraho monument, the Kandariya Mahadev Temple. This is also shown in the main banner at the top of this web page. The temple is grand in scale but exquisite in its sculptural embellishment.


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Lalit Temple View

Radisson Jass


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