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Svasara is a comfortable lodge with excellent staff and just 5 minutes drive from the entrance to Tadoba National Park. We were extremely impressed with this property and were not let down by our safaris – 12 separate tiger sightings in one day!


Svasara meaning ‘the  nest’ is located 300m from Kolara Gate towards the north of the reserve just under a two hours drive from Nagpur. The lodge offers twelve charming habitat-themed  rooms,  a  spa  and  swimming pool. The  rooms  are  decorated  with  the  right  amount  of modernity  and  comfort,  with  features  and  facilities  hinting  at  the lodge’s  philosophy  of treading softly. All rooms are air-conditioned, which is very important in this part of the country as there is a very short winter and temperatures begin to soar as early as March with a brief respite between December-January. En-suite bathrooms, tea/coffee stations, cosy  outside  sitting  etc.  make  each  room,  comfortable  and  private. The  lodge  also recently added a spa and swimming pool, which provides respite from the heat. The Spa  is housed in a beautiful house constructed with reclaimed teak wood and Allahabad white tiles salvaged from old buildings.  The  culinary  experience  at  Svasara  requires  a special  mention.  The lodge’s  forte  is  the local Verhadi cuisine, which features spices like Goda masala from Vidharbha region in which  the  lodge  is  located.  Every  dinner  is  a  regional Indian  spread,  featuring  the mainstream  cuisines  like  Awadhi  as  well  as  lesser-known cuisines like  Anglo  Indian. Guests  can  also  request  for  continental  comfort  foods,  if  they would  like  to  avoid  the Indian fare. The kitchen team happily caters to also special dietary needs such as vegan and gluten-free. Since they have an open kitchen at The Teak House (the alfresco dining pavilion and jungle cinema) and an organic kitchen garden just behind the same, guests can try their hand at cooking along with Svasara chefs, an activity that is appreciated by most.


Being  the  most premium  accommodation towards  the  Kolara  side,  Svasara is  very close  to  the  forest  making  it  an  ideal  location  for  nature  walks  and  to  look for  smaller fauna  such  as  jungle  cats,  civet  cats,  geckos  and  a  variety  of  birds.  Forest visits  and nature  walks  are with  trained  naturalists  well  versed  with  the  reserve and  the  region’s wildlife. The Wildlife  Experience  in  Svasara is very well managed with a great team of naturalists with diverse interests including butterflies, birds, geology, forestry etc. who not  only  enhance  the  wilderness  experience  of  the  guests  but also  provide  great opportunity for interaction and learning.

5 mins to tadoba national park

excellent naturalists


swimming pool

no alcohol


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