The beaches in Java offer a day trip to suit any life style. You can enjoy white sands for sunbathing, beautiful reefs for snorkeling, great waves for surfing and island hopping for explorers. Many of the beaches are also in great trekking areas so can be combined with a walk, followed by relaxation and a cool down on the beach. Make sure you look out for food stalls on the beach they make great lunches at a low price.


Java Beaches

Anyer Beach

Java Beaches

Batu Karas

This is a great beach for surf lovers, it has a good set of waves. It is also a great beach for relaxing with white sand.

Java Beaches

Karimunjawa Islands

Java Beaches


borneo Culture

Pelabuhan Ratu

Located in the west, this beach is great for surfing. It is not recommended for swimmers due to the large waves. 

Java Beaches

Timang Beach

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