Papua is a beautiful part of Indonesia full of tribal traditions that span thousands of years. The roads are limited so people often travel by air or water. It is an amazing place to get up close with tribes and appreciate the local way of life. A great stop off destination during your stay are the Raja Ampat Islands, fast earning a reputation as one of Indonesia’s hottest new travel destinations.  This remote cluster of islands has breath taking scenery, idyllic beaches and an underwater environment second to none. Dubbed the ‘Amazon of the world’s reefs’ Raja Ampat is located in the famed Coral Triangle, said to be among the planet’s most biodiverse marine ecosystems. The archipelago constitutes four major islands and 1000’s of islets and limestone karst outcrops covered with rainforest vegetation. Dotted amid temperate aquamarine seas teeming with life. it is home to a staggering 75% of the world’s coral species (some found nowhere else on earth) as well as myriad other ocean creatures – including manta rays, sea horses, turtles, dugongs and an array of tropical fish.


Papua Trekking

Raja Ampat Islands



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Cove Eco resort

Papua Paradise eco resort

Sorido bay


Below are a selection of our favourite sample itineraries that we have created based on our experiences of travelling extensively throughout Indonesia. As with all our tours, every aspect can be tailor-made to your individual requirements.

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