Sulawesi Diving
and Snorkeling

Sulawesi has an enormous selection of dive sites available and they are not as heavily dived as other areas in Indonesia. The shape of the island provides 4 peninsulas, that add current flow bringing in nutrient rich water. The water temperature is warm all year round and the best time to dive is between March and December. For seahorses and sharks the best time to visit is March to August. There is diving for all abilities and all interests in Sulawesi.



Bunaken Marine Park

Bangka Island

Located in the north, this dive site is great for sharks and rays. It has quite strong currents, so is better suited to more advanced divers.


Togean Islands


Wakatobi National Park



This is an excellent place for much diving and get up close to an amazing selection of macro creatures. Located in North Sulawesi, these dive sites are suitable for any ability.

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