Sulawesi is fantastic country to immerse yourself in culture and local traditions. A visit to Tana Toraja is like wandering through a National Geographic documentary. The  Toraja ethnic group, are renowned for their elaborate and unusual funeral rites. The opportunity to attend a funeral, which are social events that last for several days, would be a highlight for any visitor. You can also take in breathtaking scenery, including the eerie cliff-side cemeteries and hospitality of the local people.

Sengkang, resting on the eastern banks of the wondrous Lake Tempe, is a charming town in south Sulawesi. This lovely destination hosts a historic market town feel, retaining cultural traditions such as silk weaving, colourful wedding celebrations and the quaint floating homes for the fishermen. Travellers to Sengkang can meander through the lively city centre, sample the mouth-watering local cuisine, tour one of the high-end silk factories, or visit one many delightful sites of worship. Nature enthusiasts and bird lovers will be thrilled at the spectacular bird watching opportunities of Lake Temple.


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BBC hotel sengkang

Bobocha Siladen

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Melia makassar

Tangkoko hill cottage and resto

Toraja heritage hotel


Below are a selection of our favourite sample itineraries that we have created based on our experiences of travelling extensively throughout Indonesia. As with all our tours, every aspect can be tailor-made to your individual requirements.

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