Sumatra Watersports

Sumatra has some of the best surfing in Indonesia. Many surfers head to Bali for the waves as it is a more popular tourist destination. Sumatra is excellent as it has a surf location for everyone from complete beginners to professionals. The best area to surf is in the South of Sumatra as well as the islands to the west. Surfing is not the only water sport you can do in Sumatra, the diving and snorkeling is also excellent. The best dive sites are in the North east near Pulah Weh, you may even be lucky enough to dive with Dugongs. Many of the national parks also offer tubing down the rivers as an alternative way to see the jungle which is great fun. Kayaking is also a common way to navigate the national parks. There are a lot of water based activities in Sumatra and we can help find the right one for you.


Sumatra watersports


Sumatra watersports



Sumatra watersports


Sumatra offers some excellent snorkeling opportunities. For crystal clear waters the islands are the best places to be.

Sumatra watersports


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