Sumba is rarely talked about by tourist and is not well known. For the moment this is great as you can visit some amazing destinations without the crowds. Sumba is unlike other Indonesian islands in that it is not volcanic! It is still rather hilly though which makes for great treks and amazing viewpoints. If you enjoy trekking you have so much choice here with coastal walks, jungles walks, and even a savanna to trek across taking in the locals and stunning wild horses. You will also find a large selection of turquoise lagoons and waterfalls to enjoy a relaxing swim in.  Village life still holds a lot of traditional beliefs in Sumba and a mix of religious has come to the country over time. Families are often very large and close all working together to support each other. When you have had enough of hiking and sightseeing you can relax on one of the many stunning beaches with white sand coastlines and turquoise waters. 



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Hotel Elvin

Hotel Mandang


Newa Sumba

Nihi Sumba


Below are a selection of our favourite sample itineraries that we have created based on our experiences of travelling extensively throughout Indonesia. As with all our tours, every aspect can be tailor-made to your individual requirements.

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