Indonesia is a vast archipelago of islands with a great diversity of landscapes: virgin rain forests in Kalimantan, Sumatra and Papua, fertile rice terraces on Java and Bali, savannah grasslands on the Nusa islands and snow capped peaks overlooking the Papua jungle. In fact there are 18,000 islands with miles of tropical beaches and many different cultures to explore. Indonesia is a tropical paradise, a land of fascinating architecture, magnificent beaches, exceptional marine life, unique wildlife, lush green landscapes, active volcanoes and the simplicity of village life.


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Below are a selection of our favourite sample itineraries that we have created based on our experiences of travelling extensively throughout Indonesia. As with all our tours, every aspect can be tailor-made to your individual requirements.


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Aman Villas



Balquisse Heritage Hotel

BBC Hotel Sengkang

Belmond Jimbaran Puri

Blue EmOcean Resort

Bobocha Siladen


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