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Gal Oya
National Park

Gal Oya Wild Camping - Description

Wild Glamping Gal Oya is set in the historic village of Rathugala, near the Gal Oya National Park. Surrounded by savanna forests and scenic mountains, Wild Glamping Gal Oya is 30 acres of abandoned deforested chena cultivation bordering Rambakan Oya.


With an emphasis on reducing environmental impact and enhancing the well-being of local communities, the public areas and tented lodges have been built by members of the indigenous community using locally sourced, eco-friendly materials. This enables travellers to fully engage with nature while enjoying a range of modern amenities provided by the accommodations, such as private bathrooms, comfortable beds, spacious living areas, and solar lighting. Guests can choose between two types of luxury lodges – the Deluxe Tented Lodge or the Family Tented Lodge – and experience utmost comfort while exploring the natural paradise alongside the forest inhabitants of Sri Lanka.


Let the flavours of freshly prepared dishes satisfy your hunger as you dine to your heart’s content. The restaurant on-site is set against the stunning backdrop of the Gal Oya region’s majestic summits, overlooking the pool. Choose from a variety of delectable meals – both Sri Lankan and international – crafted by in-house chefs, and enjoy a unique dining experience in Gal Oya, Sri Lanka, surrounded by endless greenery. Indulge in village curd with bee’s honey and local specialties or relish a BBQ night by the river deck. You can also savour smoked meat items dipped in bee’s honey, gathered by the Adivasi people from the Rathugala and Nilgala areas. Mouth-watering dishes are made using fresh vegetables from our organic farm and fish from the pristine lake waters.


Let the explorer in you be captivated the moment you arrive at Wild Glamping Gal Oya, where numerous adventures await you. Embark on an exciting boat safari to the Inginiyagala Dam at the Senanayake Samudra or explore the Gal Oya National Park, teeming with diverse mammals and birds. Additionally, the Veddas will accompany you as expert guides through the forests, allowing you to listen to the sounds of nature. Whether it’s a trek to a mountain peak or a tranquil bird-watching excursion, our experiences are meticulously planned to meet your needs.

3 hours 30 mins from kandy

adventure and authenticity

95% of stafff from adivasi community

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Consultant Review

One of our Travel Consultants visited Gal Oya Wild Glamping in October 2023. Here’s what Nathan had to say.


“Surprisingly good beyond my expectations. Very large grounds. Accommodation is tented (AC), but the tents are really quite nice. The property feels a bit more “mid-range” than high-end, but friendly, clean, well maintained. Not at all grubby as some tented camps can feel. The pool is excellent considering it is a camp.

Could be really good fun for families. Arriving on a tractor thing was quite an experience. You can pretty much do everything you can do at Gal Oya Lodge here. Hathpotha jeep safari, Nilgala jeep safari, boat safari on Gal Oya lake, walk with Vedda people, bird watching, walk up monkey mountain. Staff are super enthusiastic and helpful – seems like they really want to show off everything the area has to offer.”

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