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Uga Chena Huts - Description

Uga Chena Huts is in the heart of Sri Lanka’s deep south, in the rustic farming villages around Tissamaharama. Being just a stones throw away from Yala National Park, the natural wonders of Sri Lanka are easily accessible. Nestled among the dunes and trees at the edge of the ocean, you’ll discover Chena Huts. It overlooks a beach where sea turtles come to lay their eggs by moonlight, and elephants from the nearby forest wander down to play at the shore. On one landward side, Chena Huts is bordered by tropical jungle, while on the other, a lake hosts ibises, painted storks, and even flamingos, wading in the shallows.


To enhance the wilderness experience, this expansive 7-acre property accommodates only eighteen 1600 sq ft cabins. The exteriors, inspired by the region’s traditional architecture, blend seamlessly with the jungle surroundings. The interiors subtly highlight the ‘safari’ theme, featuring log furniture and rustic motifs that contrast with the ultra-modern conveniences inside.


Named after the nearby reefs and lighthouse celebrated in maritime history and lore, the Basses restaurant is adorned with a fitting nautical theme. It offers sophisticated dining in a stunning setting overlooking the Indian Ocean. The Bar, filled with memorabilia showcasing the history of Yala and its surroundings, serves as an ideal spot for a post-safari drink before dinner. Additionally, Chena Huts features a poolside bar hidden behind a waterfall.


Visiting Yala National Park is a must-do activity in the area. The park amazes visitors with its diverse biomes, including monsoon, thorn forests, grasslands, freshwater and marine wetlands, and sandy beaches where only the footprints of foraging birds and animals are seen. It is the largest and oldest in a network of six national parks and three sanctuaries nearby, and it is the richest in biodiversity, featuring 44 resident mammal species and one of the highest leopard population densities globally. The park is also home to numerous reptile species, such as turtles, crocodiles, flying snakes, and elegant fan-throated lizards. There is also private sundown dining, bush-walks, cultural drives and so much more on offer.

Access to Yala National Park

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